I am a fine artist who emphasizes in mixed media drawings and experimental video art. I primarily work with India ink, acrylic paint, and pastels on different types of paper and wooden panels. Many of my works are defined by their loose brushstrokes and linework, usage of text, and effective uses of color. I prefer a loose, impulsive style when using ink and paint because the marks are more expressive, are usually less time consuming, and are more energetic. Photos and collage materials I use contain more defined forms to contrast the ink and paint marks.

My work mainly explores aspects of paranoia, isolation, what’s in a name/look, and overconsumption of media with touches of humor sprinkled in. I deal with thoughts and feelings about these topics and use drawing as an outlet to tolerate and reflect upon them. Visually, I depict these themes through vague narrative scenes involving layered abstract monuments, strangely placed and sized characters, wild colors, underlying tones of violence/drama, and repetition. Different imagery, inner narratives, and the process of making the art affect each other equally. I normally don’t take myself very seriously and that also reflects in my work with a satirical tone or “spirit of fun”.