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I make mixed media drawings on several layers of paper, mainly with India ink and pastel. They are raw and lively, containing loose, gestural marks contrasted with defined forms and figures. Many pieces break out of the standard square frame with cut, shaped edges and combine into larger organisms when installed together.


My imagery consists largely of characters existing and acting in a landscape of forms and marks. These figure’s inner worlds are revealed through their poses and actions relating to other visual info. Some recurring motifs include fruit, fingerprints, giant bugs, clouds, eggs, grids/connecting lines, praying, and organic looking forms.


The content of my work is intimate, personal, fun, and alive, like a conversation between close friends or reading through someone’s journal. Distinct and detailed imagery sprinkled with touches of humor and storytelling give insight toward the intentional choices in each piece and the inner truth of how I relate to the world. I want viewers to feel that a real human being created what they’re looking at and with a genuine purpose.


This is continued through themes of individualism, championing that all aspects of a person’s life have immense value. It serves to inspire beauty, hope, and human potential, countering that which is artificial, superficial, and selfish while questioning what these labels truly mean in today’s setting. I don’t aim for perfection, but for wholeness and accuracy through absurdity.

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