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Our Earthly Antics

Crossing Arts Alliance 
Brainerd, MN
September 2-24, 2022

Our Earthly Antics is a series of untamed drawings that promote finding meaning and fulfillment in this life through the bonds we create, selflessness, gratitude for what one has, and outcome independence.


I was inspired by this topic after reading the book of Ecclesiastes and from seeing discontentment in so many people who live for things that are ultimately unimportant and who want control over their lives. However, the unpredictable future and our inevitable deaths make most of life uncontrollable and random. Many of our ambitions and achievements will be in vain since we cannot take the rewards with us after we perish. No matter how rich, wise, or skilled we may be, we all meet the same end.


To truly enjoy this life, one must acknowledge they have little control in the grand scheme of things, accept the emptiness in their actions, and appreciate life as they experience it, not as how they think it ought to be. The future may be uncontrollable, but we can control our attitudes, how we respond to adversity, and our relationships with the people around us. Many of life's troubles are also blown out of proportion and are trivial in the long term, not deserving the stress we create from it. Instead of looking for more and more, be thankful for what you do have, the freedoms you’re given, the people who care about you, and the time you have. Everything will come to an end eventually, so learning to be independent from negative outcomes, not dwelling too hard on losses, and getting excited for new discoveries is crucial.


The drawings in this exhibit are made mostly using ink, pastels, acrylic, and spray paint on paper and wooden panels. Each is gestural, raw, and expressive, imbued with the spirit of humor, spontaneity, and the energy of eternity. Layers of shaped, cut paper come together to create fun, energetic, new forms. This collection depicts stories of growth, the ways and whys characters live their lives, relationships, and achieving true independence.


I hope this exhibit will help viewers find meaning and fulfillment in our shared fate under the sun!

Ancestral Vision
Digital Collage

Sacrificial Blessings on the Frontier
Mixed Media

Onward to Forever
Mixed Media

Days of the Holy Harvesters
Mixed Media