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Duane Zameg #2

mixed media



Spring 2020 Senior BFA Exhibition

     Cerebral Absolution is a collection of mixed media pieces that focuses on the fuzzy feeling of uncertain familiarity. The works in this exhibition are a mix of original and appropriated imagery arranged to create a new context or purpose. The result is an interpretation of experiences I have had personally and which reference obscure forms of media I enjoy. While the viewer may not understand this insight directly, they will recognize specific moments in the work, rearranging and recontextualizing the meaning in their own way. By visually describing imagery differently, the known becomes the unknown. 

     I distort the imagery I use through the use of color, mark making, and amount of information shown. Layers of ink and acrylic paint are spread, smashed, and scraped on paper surfaces in a raw fashion. Sometimes edges of surfaces are shaped or bent to break uniformity. Unorthodox objects such as cleaning wipes, paper clips, corn dog sticks, and more are thrown in to add depth to the surface and create a sense of weight or gravity. Gravity is also increased by the relation of imagery and marks to one another or the lack thereof. Only bits of the intended information are portrayed and most details that hint at the meaning or source of imagery in specific pieces too strongly are discarded.

     Part of my goal to cause uncertainty reflects my inner jokester in that while I am trying to convey different ideas, I still don’t want to spoil the “secret” to what exactly is happening. This attitude also appears in the tone of the pieces where the “spirit of fun” and joking are still present. I feel this is fitting since the content is a blend of personal history, thought processes, and feeling. I give the viewer an abundance of information, but am withholding key elements that they would normally recognize. They will then formulate their own meaning through this uncertain familiarity.



mixed media